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From the first years of the company carried out an extensive investment activities: in 1995, bought a controlling stake in the restaurant complex «Zarafshan», and since that time a joint venture «ARDUS» done a lot of work on reconstruction and modernization of the shopping and entertainment complex «Zarafshan»:

— equipped with modern air-conditioning equipment,

— created workshops for the production of pasta and dumplings, pastries, ice cream.

— updated cafes and restaurants, new restaurants: restaurant «agate», the Georgian restaurant «Mamiko Camry», restaurant «Czech», Indian restaurant «PATIALA HOUSE», a ballroom, «Zarafshon». cafe «SMS».

— created a concert hall «Zarafshan», which is equipped with modern light and sound equipment.

In the new building Zarafshan was occupied by the mobile communication Euroset, a fashion boutique (South Korea).