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   Joint venture “ARDUS” regularly organizes concerts of stars of the Uzbek and Russian pop music. Concert hall «Zarafshan» welcomes many of Uzbek pop stars: the group «Yalla» and «dado», Resentment Asomov. His first solo concerts for many listeners and admirers of his work, Sevara Nazarkhan gave at the concert hall «Zarafshan». Bright unforgettable days in the cultural life of the capital were concerts Irina Allegrova, Laima Vaikule, Marina Khlebnikova, Anita Tsoi, Alexander Buinov, Natasha Koroleva, Nicholas Karachentseva, Tatiana Ovsienko, Irina Saltykova, Shura, Oleg Gazmanov, Gypsy teat «Romaine» Cabaret Duo «Academy», Vladimir Vinokur, humorous program «Town» — Ilya Oleinikova and Yuri Stoyanov. He participated in the concert hall «Zarafshan» ballet Alla Brass «Todes», as well as star foreign music. Regularly conducted performances of the theatre «Helikon» and shows theater parodies Louise a good fit for her.

  In 2004, the joint venture «ARDUS» at the Concert hall «Zarafshan» was created by children’s music hall, in the productions of a variety of programs «Island of dreams» and «Alone at home» was involved in the show-group «Aladdin», and in 2006 at the children’s music hall was created by children’s pop Studio and show-group «Jammy Boom», which students participated and became winners and prize-winners of international music contests for children, performed numerous concerts in the concert hall «Zarafshan». With the guys team «Jammy Boom» were staged the musical «the Tale of the tale», a musical joke «Barmaley show», a musical adventure» tale Century Wilhelm Hauff «Little Mook», variety shows «johnny and company», «All mixed up in Gummi-house», «a Kaleidoscope of smiles, a Smile of spring,» «Favorite favorite», «Magic box», which enjoyed the same success with the audience. Concert hall «Zarafshan» held a charity event for Day of persons with disabilities, children with disabilities and children’s Day, for orphans and for children from low-income families.


On the stage of the Concert hall «Zarafshan» and conducted various festivals and contests and competitions in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

   In December 2009 concert hall “Zarafshan” for the first time in the capital presented a creative project, “Three minutes of fame”, which was attended by groups and individuals who wanted to Express themselves in various genres of performing arts.

   Since 2007 SP «ARDUS» together with a Concert hall «Zarafshan» holds a Festival — contest of children’s and youthful creativity «rose of the East», which aims to identify young talents and support, as well as support and development of Amateur creativity of children and young people of Uzbekistan. 9 years of existence of the contest more than 500 participants showed their skills on the stage of the concert hall «Zarafshan». Choose start on our competition, teams and individual performers became laureates of national and international competitions.

   In 2010, our project — Festival-competition «Winter patterns» — supported by the Russian cultural centre of Uzbekistan. In the framework of this joint project is the dance Festival of the peoples of the world, show-rooms on a winter theme and contest Russian dance. 

   Any concert, show or performance on our stage bring lots of positive emotions. And positive emotions, laughter and fun from the show, are known to be powerful anti-aging tools, as well as the secrets of longevity.

   We try to take into account the wishes of our viewers. We value the opinions of our viewers and listeners, and so I try to program the next concert of the season were compiled taking into account your wishes and suggestions. 

The goal of our work is to bring joy and a sense of celebration each viewer, so that our world has become more perfect and harmonious.